Stories have arcs. Characters have arcs. Writers have arcs. We write, we get better at our craft. We read, we get better at our craft. We interact with other writers and our readers, we get better at our craft. Whether you are a professional writer or just starting out. Hobby or career. We are all in this together. Welcome.

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Final Words of Wisdom

My advice to other writers or aspiring writers is to write about what you know, tell a good story, and above all, enjoy yourselves.
--Steven T Callan, author (Archive, September 2016)

Persevere. I’ve faced lots of obstacles in my writer’s journey, but the only way I’ve been able to reach any of my goals is to keep jumping over those hurdles.
--Nancy Harriman, author (Archive, July 2016)

Write like an artist, but edit like a craftsperson, all the rest is business. A passion for writing won't make your career, but it's a nice way to start.
--Elena Hartwell, author (Archive, May 2016)

Believe you can do it, that you have something to say. Believe in yourself, not in agents, editors, your next door neighbor. Yourself. Believe in your gut instinct, your intuition, and run with it.
--Christina Hoag, author (Archive, February 2017)

My final word of wisdom is “EVOKE”. I believe that being a writer is more than telling a story. I believe we writers should use our talents to evoke emotion in the reader through the telling of a story.
--Allen Eskens, author (Archive, April 2016)

When I’m scared or too serious, I remind myself: No one is making me write. I do this because it is a good time. I can make it anything I can imagine, and I can imagine much.
--Pamela Hobart Carter, author, playwright (Archive, February 2016)

When asked what he would tell his younger self, Carew answered... “I wouldn’t give him advice.  I would give him a big pat on the back and even bigger thank you for staying true to himself for all these years.”

--Carew Papritz, author (Archive, December 2015)

I have a mantra: “This isn’t Hamlet and you’re not Shakespeare.” … Have confidence in yourself and know that you have a story to tell that no one else can improve upon. Most of all, have faith in the process and yourself.

-- Carla Kelly, author (Archive, November 2015)

Know yourself. Be brutally honest with yourself - if only on the pages of a private journal.
--Arleen Williams, author, ESL instructor (Archive, October 2015)

"Your confidence is your unconditional love for the story you are telling."

"Learn your craft and write, write, write."

"Writer, hone your craft. Honor your words."

"Don’t stop learning something new every day, if you do it’s all over.  What have you learned today that you didn’t know yesterday?"

--David R Gross, author (Archive, June 2015)

"Life is an amazing gift. Make every effort to blow up the distance between who you are and what you do, and you will be possessed of infinite energy and never work a day in your life. Try to find out why you were placed on this planet and you will never work a day in your life."

--Richard Lederer, author (Archive, May 2015)

"...the life of a writer, is a lonely one. You think you are alone, and as the years go by, if the stars are on your side, you may discover that you are at the center of a vast circle of invisible friends whom you will never get to know but who love you. And that is an immense reward.”

--Dennis Must (quoting Jorge Luis Borges) (Archive, March 2015)

Practice timed writing; give up your computer; put your pen to paper; get in touch with the paper; talk to your characters, make them talk to you. People will think you’re crazy, but you know that you are because you’re already making up shit. 

--Jack Remick, author, poet, short story writer (Archive, January 2015)

Our military justice system is broken and change is imperative. We can no longer allow the military to investigate themselves … It is time to fully investigate this abuse culture, clean house and begin anew with appropriate policies and actions that restore honor, integrity and accountability to our military and bring justice to women serving.

--Sarah L. Blum, author/activist/veteran (Archive, November, 2014)

Only do it if you love it.

Write every day, read every day. That’s how you become an expert. As far as anything else goes, I’ll say what I like to live by, and it’s really quite simple: do what makes you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Write big; write with desperation; write for yourself for others.
--Nick Stokes, author/playwright (Archive, July 2014)

Books are the written record of the human condition. Librarians, editors, and bookstores, curate that work. Retail websites, not so much. So support your local bookstore.

In addition to writing very well, you have to be a tireless researcher, marketer, and social media expert. You have to see yourself as an entrepreneur, above and beyond anything else. Most importantly, live. The deepest, creative moments come from real life. Nurture your body and soul, eat right, exercise, and meditate.
--La'Chris Jordan, author/playwright (Archive, May 2014)

Most children have “imaginary” friends, and they have long, detailed conversations with them. As we grow older, that conversation begins to fade, and that kind of imagining is even deemed as problematic. 
What if we were to stop moving away from those “imaginary” conversations and instead brought ourselves back to them.

What you write about, and how you write about it, matters.  Your reward comes in doing the best job you know how and being willing to fail, but to fail well. If your integrity as a writer pours into your work, you will find an audience to whom it will matter. I believe this. Even if it is an audience of one.

--Scott Driscoll, author (Archive, December 2013)

If you want to write and publish, understand that there are no Magic Keys or Six Steps to Success.  The bad news and the good news is that there is mostly just you, your talent, and your hard work between “here” and “there.”  Understand the business - what it can and can’t do for you, what it expects from you, what the odds are.  And then, informed with the truth, and with eyes wide open, go at it with all you’ve got. 
--Deb Caletti, author (Archive, May 2013)

Talent is less important than discipline. 

--Tess Thompson, author (Archive, April 2013)

I have found that I’m better at writing the more I do it, and I’m better at it if I like what I’m writing.

--Jerry McDonnell, writer (Archive, February 2013)

Love what you write, whatever interests you the most.

--Bharti Kirchner, author (Archive, January 2013)

I’d say—and I believe this could be true for any life, not just a writer's life—find your passion and keep it alive.

--Frances L. Wood, author (Archive, December 2012)

If you love to write, don’t think about the end result or who your target audience is.  Write because you love it and can think of no better way to spend your time and energy.

--Beverly Magid, author (Archive, November 2012)

Write because not writing just isn't an option.

--Kaya McLaren, author (Archive, October 2012)

Imagine yourself if you were exactly where you want to be as an author and keep that image in your mind especially though the tough times. ... Go crazy and don’t stop writing.

Don't quit. If writing novels is your dream, just write and keep writing. 

--Susan Wingate, author (Archive, August 2012)

If you want to write, start TODAY.

--Marc Tyler Nobleman, author, cartoonist (Archive, July 2012)

Writing is magic.
--Ernie Witham, author, humorist (Archive, June 2012)

I would say to myself: remember, you write for you, first and foremost. There’s some reason you feel the need to express yourself through words on paper. It’s okay to not write everyday; it’s okay to take time to be a well-rounded person and have other interests.
--Sheila Hageman, memoir, author, teacher (Archive, May 2012)

Storytelling is all about seeing the truth and honestly reporting back what you’ve seen. If that doesn’t scare you, then you aren’t looking deep enough.
--Brian MacDonald, screenwriter, author, filmmaker (Archive, March 2012)

Keep a journal or diary to strengthen the habit of writing regularly. And write in it on bad days as well as good ones; the words don’t know the difference.

Surround yourself with friends.  People who support your writing dreams and goals are your life blood.  

--Elise Stephens, Author (Archive, Dec 2011)

The best thing any writer can learn to do is admit something they wrote isn't that good.  I've seen a lot of people fail because the stuff they sent out just wasn't ready to go.

--Peter Clines, Author (Archive, Oct 2011)

Write. Write. Write. That’s the one thing all writers have in common. We don’t just think. We don’t just talk. We write.

--Janna Cawrse Esarey, Author (Archive, Sept 2011)

 It's true that the publishing industry is changing. That can be scary, but take your time. My final words of wisdom? Don't rush your book out into the world.

--Jason Black, author and freelance book editor

The winds of change are blowing through the publishing business, so I would advise writers to be flexible, believe in yourselves, and be willing to take a chance.

--Carolyn J Rose, Author and blogger

Write because you love to create on the page

--Deborah Turrell Atkinson

Beware of inspiration that is not guided by craft.

--Drusilla Campbell

Remember that getting published is incredibly difficult ... But if writing is your passion then you must write.

---Erin Brown
Freelance Book Editor

What we can control as writers is the writing. Focus on the writing.

--- Robert Dugoni
New York Times Bestselling Author